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We here at Arizona Tax Liens.com receive a lot of questions about how to buy tax lien property, especially Arizona tax lien property. To help answer as many of these tax lien property questions as possible, we've created this special tax lien property information page. Please peruse it and let us know if you have any additional questions.

How To Buy A Tax Lien Property

First of all, a tax lien is a lien imposed on property by law to secure payment of back taxes. Tax liens may be imposed for delinquent taxes owed on real property (such as a home) or personal property (such as a car), or as a result of failure to pay income taxes or other taxes.

Unlike annoying personal debts, property tax liens "run with the land" in that a property owner becomes responsible for payment even if the tax lien obligation was incurred by a previous owner. Depending on the local county law of the State or jurisdiction, the owner of the property may also become personally liable for any and all payment of the property tax lien.

While this may seem like a real risk to a home buyer, to savvy real estate investors, buying tax lien property is a great way to make 16%, 32% or even 2,820% all guaranteed by the U.S. government! No where else in the world can you make that type of ROI with little or no risk.

You see, when a home owner does not pay his property taxes, the local county government will put a lien on his property. The local county government will then look for investors to pay the person's tax lien so that the local government can continue to run on budget. As a thank you to the investor, the local county government in Arizona rewards the investor with a 16% pro-rated, annual return on investment. Every year the owner does not pay his property taxes, you make 16%. If this goes on for a couple of years, you make 16% every year on your money!

The best part of buying a tax lien property is that if the owner does not bring his property taxes current within 5 years, you can foreclose on the tax lien and take ownership of the home and flip it for a MASSIVE return on investment of 2,820% or more! Buying a tax lien property has never been easier or more profitable!

I encourage you to start buying tax lien property today so that you can earn that great ROI and maybe even get the tax lien property for pennies on the dollar.

All in all, purchasing tax lien property is not only easy, but incredibly profitable too. Learn more about tax liens today.

If you have any tax lien property questions, be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions section and learn more at Government Tax Lien.

Learn how to invest in tax liens and tax lien certificates and make up to 2,820% ROI!


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