Tax Lien Sales

For a tax lien investor, nothing is more exciting than a tax lien sale. People from around the world fly into one state and county in order to attend the yearly tax lien sale where they hope to acquire tax lien certificates that will yield a huge return on investment.

In Arizona, the majority of these tax lien sales take place once a year in February. The tax lien lists come out for all 15 counties in Arizona around 2 weeks before the auctions begin. Real estate investors come to Arizona Tax Liens and purchase their lists and start the due diligence process that yields them 16% to over 3,000% guaranteed by the government.

Tax lien investors know that Arizona is one of the most popular states to buy tax liens in because the property easily becomes the investors' if the back property taxes are not brought current.

And even if the property owner does pay his back taxes, you still get your 16% ROI pro-rated monthly - guaranteed!

What better way is there to safely and easily invest in real estate than by purchasing tax lien certificates on properties that have not paid their taxes at the yearly tax lien sale?

With Arizona tax liens, you never need to worry about home prices going up or down, because you're always guaranteed to make at least 16%, and substantially more if the home owner does not pay his back taxes owed and you get the property. Just take a look at the following tax lien properties to the right that our customers have acquired and sold at massive gains. Pretty nice, huh?

These are not exaggerated claims either. These are genuine success stories.

While many tax lien investors like buying the tax liens at the yearly tax lien sale auction, I strongly advise you not to. The reason for this is that at the yearly tax lien sale, there are many institutional investors that bring millions of dollars to invest in Arizona tax liens. They like the idea of making a guaranteed 16%, but that's not why they are at the tax lien sale. No, they come the tax lien sale because they know how safe Arizona tax liens are and they just want a safe place to put the money that is guaranteed to earn more than the rate of inflation.

You see, at the yearly tax sale auctions, investors often bid each other down to 3% interest or even less sometimes. It's insane! They don't need the 16%, they just want a safe place to put the money. In most cases, it's not even their money they've come to invest at the tax lien sale. It's just their job to find a safe home for it.

So, I recommend you don't buy your tax lien certificates at the actual tax lien sale, but instead after the tax lien sale. After the tax lien sale, there are always plenty of tax liens left over. In fact, there has never been a year when every tax lien certificate was purchased. There are just to many properties that are not paying their property taxes. Believe it or not, but some of the success stories we've received have been on tax lien properties that were purchased in December! That's how many tax lien certificates there are left over every year.

I recommend you buy your tax liens after the yearly tax lien sale, because you can then pick up some nice properties and make your full 16% ROI. Why settle for making less ROI by purchasing directly at the tax lien sale? It makes no sense unless it's not even your own money you're investing, or it's just part of your job.

ALWAYS buy your tax liens after the tax lien sales in February. You'll get the full 16% and you can still find great properties like the one's to your right.

If you're new to tax lien investing, be sure to get the tax lien investing education you'll need to ensure you only buy quality tax lien certificates, whether you're buying them at the yearly tax lien sale or, as we recommend, after the yearly tax lien sale.

If you have any tax lien property questions, be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions section and learn more at Government Tax Lien.

Learn how to invest in tax liens and tax lien certificates and make up to 2,820% ROI!

Tax Lien Properties

Tax Lien Properties Success Story

Tax Lien Investing Success Story


Tax Lien Property Acquired


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