Greenlee County Tax Lien Research Tutorial

Are you trying to figure out the best way to research Greenlee County Tax Liens?
Then try our free Greenlee County Tax Lien Research tutorial below:

Step 1. Download the latest Greenlee County Tax Lien List.


Step 2. Find a delinquent property that you would like to buy the tax lien certificate for. Here's an example:

Greenlee County Tax Lien List Example


Step 3. Plug the parcel number from the property into the Greenlee County Parcel Search Tool. Here's an example:

Greenlee County Tax Lien Research Tool


Press the "Submit Query" button at the bottom and you will get results like this:

Greenlee County Tax Lien Research Example

By clicking on the "Parcel" link, you can see that this is a one story, single family residence built of wood in 1958 with 1106 square feet and that it is considered "slightly below average quality."

Greenlee County Tax Lien Research Example

Further down the page you can see that the house was purchased for $40,000 in 1995. You can also see that it sits on a nice size parcel of 16,750 square feet.

Greenlee County Tax Lien Certificate


Step 4. You can then pull up MSN Live Maps and do a search for the property address to see what type of property this really is. Here's an example that shows you this is a nice single family house in Clifton, Arizona:

Greenlee Tax Lien Research Live Maps


Step 5. Now that you know where this property is located, what type of property it is and what the neighborhood around it looks like, you can do your final due diligence on the property. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your Arizona Tax Lien Certificate research.

Learn the additional due diligence you need to perform in the Education section of our website.

WARNING!!! Do not proceed to Step 6 until you have verified in Step 5 that the tax lien certificate(s) you are interested in buying are quality ones that will yield you a good return on investment.


Step 6. After you have performed the necessary due diligence to ensure you are ONLY buying quality tax lien certificates, call the Greenlee County Assessor's office and ask them if the tax lien certificates you are interested in buying are still available. Then, tell them which ones you wish to purchase and they will handle the rest.


Next Steps...
Now that you know how to research Greenlee County tax liens, you're ready to get serious and purchase the Maricopa County tax lien list for properties in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, etc. Be sure to use the Maricopa County tax lien research tutorial.


Best of luck in your Arizona Tax Lien investing!



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